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Our knowledge is your success.

To help you understand the markets better and take more informed decisions, we make sure that all our research is directly available to you.

Wealth Management audio - and videocasts

We publish a number of informative audio - and videocasts that will help you stay informed about market movements. These insights taken from our latest research provide an easy way to stay in touch with the continuously changing economic landscape.

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Prices and Earnings app

Every three years, UBS Chief Investment Office WM Research publishes an extensive study on prices and earnings, which is updated in the years between editions. Since 1970, the UBS publication has compared purchasing power in various cities around the globe, and contains interesting analyses and evaluations of changes in exchange rates and inflation. The latest edition of Prices and Earnings covers 72 cities in 58 countries.

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UBS Chief Investment Office WM  Research Service

UBS Chief Investment Office WM Research provides an online research platform that lets you access all its publications. The platform includes a wide range of investment ideas, coverage of all relevant asset classes, comprehensive background information on economic themes, full versions of UBS Chief Investment Office WM Research publications, access to "Quotes" - UBS's market overview platform, insight into the topics discussed in the news, and detailed coverage of the top stories driving the markets.