High grade bonds regain their shine, gold loses sheen

#CIOTrending: This month, CIO answers: Why invest now ahead of improved long-term returns? What’s happening with China’s mortgage situation? Where do we find quality income?

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Min Lan Tan provides insights into the current outlook for various asset classes in Asia, and why regional quality income plays are looking attractive.

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Mark Haefele talks about the improved longer-term outlook and how investors should take advantage of market dislocations to position their portfolios.

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Trading examples

These trading examples match this article. The trading examples listed below are not exhaustive and have been generated by applying the objective criteria as described here.

  • Robeco BP Global Premium Equities - Investment Fund
  • BlackRock World Healthscience - Investment Fund
  • UBS Global High Dividend Sustainable - Investment Fund
  • BGF US Dollar Short Duration Bond - Investment Fund
  • PIMCO Global Bonds - Investment Fund
  • Fidelity China Focus - Investment Fund
  • NN International China A-Share Equity - Investment Fund
  • JPM China A Share Opportunities - Investment Fund
  • Algebris Financial Credit - Investment Fund