Family Advisory Services

Family Advisory Services

Your family wealth is precious. To make sure it lasts, you'll need to answer some important questions. For example, what is unique about your family? How do you make and communicate decisions? How will the next generation embrace your values? How do you manage joint family assets?

To help you manage your wealth across generations, UBS Family Advisory will develop and implement a unique and sustainable strategy
for your family.

Our family advisory solutions

Family governance advisory

We will help you implement a family strategy and governance framework.
You can also call on our help setting up a family council, philanthropy strategy and ownership structures.

Family office advisory

We will help you design a suitable platform for your family, or review your current arrangements. We can also help you define a risk-management framework.

Family business advisory

Effective family business governance can give you a competitive edge. We will advise you on best practice advice and help you establish the right family business governance framework.

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