There are many good reasons for choosing UBS as your partner when setting up a trust. Trustworthiness is one. Your main aim in setting up a trust could be to provide for friends or family, or to help you put your tax and property affairs in order. Trusts are also often used for charitable purposes or profit-sharing schemes for employees. Whatever your reasons for establishing a trust, you can count on our experience.

Our subsidiaries in Singapore, Jersey, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands enable us to support you in the establishment of trusts and companies on a global scale with the utmost care.

Your key benefits at a glance:

  • Asset protection: Trusts allow you to protect inherited assets from dissipation by family members, provide for under-age or handicapped family members of this or future generations, protect your assets in the event of political instability and can secure business succession.
  • Eliminate probate requirements: When assets are placed in trusts, they are controlled by trustees and therefore, placed outside of an estate. It ensures that assets are quickly and efficiently passed down to the beneficiaries you name without lengthy and expensive probate court proceedings.
  • Flexibility: The trustee administers trust property on behalf of the beneficiaries and will consider making distributions to one or more of them as it deems appropriate. Even during your lifetime, you may make suggestions on how these distributions should be made by creating a letter of wishes. If the trust instrument allows, a trust can be transferred to another jurisdiction if this becomes necessary.
  • Choice of trust jurisdiction: Trusts provide continuity in the administration of assets, especially in the choice of a company as trustee in consideration of asset protection.
  • Tax planning: Trusts are internationally recognized instruments for tax planning. They may, in some circumstances, allow you to minimize the tax burden on you and your heirs.

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