Art Cashin: On the markets

Art Cashin offers perspective from the floor of the NYSE

13 Feb 2020

From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the UBS Director of Floor Operations, Art Cashin, delivers you timely insight into the week's key market-moving events and previews the week ahead. This week:Takeaways from Fed Chair Jerome Powell's bi-annual Humphrey Hawkins testimony, a recap of notable macro data, reflections on more Q4 earnings, the latest on
the coronavirus, the 2020 campaign trail and the week ahead. Host: Daniel Cassidy

Points covered:

  • Key highlights and takeaways from Fed Chair Jerome Powell's bi-annual address to Congress where he provided his outlook for the US economy.
  • Macro data points from the week
  • How Q4 results shaped up relative to expectations and forward-looking guidance
  • The current scope of the coronavirus
  • Insight into the 2020 campaign trail
  • What Art will be keeping an eye on in the week ahead

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