Previous Competition


The 2018 UBS Pitch Competition was held in 1000 Harbor Blvd. office in New Jersey on November 16th, 2018.

The challenge was attended by:

  • Senior UBS leaders who acted as mentors and judges
  • Several UBS employees
  • UBS Campus Recruiting team
  • Professors, student coordinators and others from the 3 universities, and of course...
  • The top 6 student teams from NJIT, NYU and Stevens universities

2018 Problem Statement

UBS is always looking for more innovative ways to connect with and provide value to our clients and prospects. In pursuit of this goal, we are looking to apply Machine Learning in how we identify new locations for branch offices. For this competition, you are tasked with using Machine Learning to identify the next 3 locations where UBS should open a Wealth Management branch. As part of this, you are required to come up with a solution that is completely automated and can be repeated upon request.

During final presentations, you will be asked to defend your choices of data, weights on each indicator, as well as code quality and methods. You will also be required to tweak your algorithm during the presentation to prove that it can show other cities when the weights/indicators change.