Challenge Overview

The problem statement

UBS is striving to be at the forefront of ESG and sustainability creating opportunities to better serve our clients. The goal is to invest with a systematic and explicit inclusion of ESG risks with the intention to enhance risk-adjusted returns. Participants are expected to create a model to build and rebalance investment portfolios that meet investors' expectations in terms of returns and risk tolerances and are based on ESG evaluation guidelines.

Create a Written Proposal – Must be up to 1,000 words or two pages (max.)

  • Must include team name and team members
  • Clear articulation of the scope of the problem under consideration
  • Explain why these topics are of interest to the team
  • Explain the model / technical solution that your team will create
  • Determine how the team will find balance between risk adjusted returns and ESG alignment

Finalists will move on to create a prototype and compete for a chance to win cash prizes!

Finalist Teams

  1. Based on the written proposal, judges will select 6 teams to move on in the competition and present their proposal
  2. Teams will join virtually and will have 20 minutes to present + 5 minutes Q&A
  3. Show your work:
    1. Technical solution needs to be a working model (any technology is acceptable) and the team must be able explain the technical aspects of the model
    2. Solutions should be based on publicly available data
    3. Technical solution must be able to produce a result during the final presentation