Innovate in Artificial Intelligence with UBS


UBS Pitch is a competition designed to provide students from participating universities an opportunity to collaborate and build innovative solutions to problems faced by the financial industry and government bodies and potentially win cash prizes. Students will be mentored by UBS global leaders, also providing them a chance to expand their professional networks. 

Problem Statements

Teams pick one problem statement from below for the competition

Problem Statement 1

Predict when a topic or theme will grow in importance to inform which journalistic sources tend to be super infectors/influencers for narratives that get picked by major news sources

Problem Statement 2

Build a vibrancy model for New Jersey to determine what towns, counties and regions are becoming more economically vibrant or less so

Problem Statement 3

Develop an early-warning system for small businesses in New Jersey which are at risk of closure using current and historic economic data. Could focus on a particular industry (restaurants, hair salons, etc.) or a particular geography (Newark, Trenton etc.)

Participating Universities

Students from the following universities of the New Jersey Big Data Alliance are eligible to participate