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The UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019 is open to start-ups and established, growing companies that think they can change the way finance works and how bank meet their clients' needs.

We're inviting you to join this process by submitting your idea to us and then, if shortlisted for the finals, you will have the opportunity to develop your idea further, with input and support.

Let's get started!        You can share your idea with us here:

The challenges

We have identified four focused challenges where technology can transform how banks work and what we deliver for our clients:

  1. Deepening client relationships
  2. Smart risk management
  3. Digital Transaction Rails & Tokenized Assets
  4. Technology enablement

There are four challenges for you to choose from.

What’s in it for the participants?

Participants shortlisted for the finals will receive over 150 hours of coaching and mentoring from experienced technology experts and business leaders including Deloitte. Some of the finalists may also be selected to participate in a proof-of-concept or pilot program with UBS. Each regional winner will be awarded a cash price of US$20,000.*

See our rewards page for more details about the prizes.

Who is eligible to enter?

We’re looking for start-ups and small-to-medium sized companies, with an annual turnover lower than US$200m. You should have received less than US$200m in total investment.

Participants should have developed:

  • A functional prototype or a product, service or application grounded on innovative / disruptive technology capabilities applied to banking / finance

The technology solutions proposed should:

  • Be focused directly on banking and financial services, or
  • Have a demonstrable impact in another sector but with a potential connection or application within the banking and financial industry

Restrictions apply - see Official Rules for details.

Read our official rules.

What is the competition process?

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019: Timeline

The application deadline is 15th of August 2019 23:59 CEST. We will not consider any submissions made after the deadline.

Once we have evaluated all eligible entries, we will select the Event finalists for each region. Each Event finalist will receive mentoring from UBS experts, as well as other experienced technology and business leaders. Event finalists will then pitch their ideas to their respective Event juries.

  • Zürich (7th and 8th of October 2019)
  • Singapore (09th and 10th of October 2019)
  • New York (15th and 16th of October 2019)

Good luck and we hope to see you at the finals!

How will entries be judged?

In the first stage, our judges will use this 6P framework as a filter - we will assess each entry against these 6 criteria.

At the regional finals, participants will pitch their solutions to regional juries.

Why UBS?

UBS is one of the world’s leading financial services firms, specialising in wealth management, asset management and investment banking. In Switzerland it is also the leading retail and commercial bank.

UBS’s ambition is to help shape a more open and collaborative financial services industry and to jointly develop new innovative solutions for its clients. We’re involved in the Fintech eco-system in our key global locations e.g. through our Labs in London, Singapore, New York and Zurich.

This open approach enables us to embrace the pace of technological change and learn from entrepreneurs about products and services that will not only offer short-term gains but also will have a lasting benefit for our clients, our firm and the industry.

We know it can be hard to navigate the structures of large organizations, especially banks. With UBS’s global reach and world-class banking expertise, we can provide Competition participants a unique point of entry, giving them the opportunity to test their ideas or develop them with our support. We offer participants unrivalled access to experienced technology experts and business leaders, supported by tailored coaching and mentoring to help them refine their ideas.

Having successfully run a Future of Finance Challenge in 2015 and 2017, we are committed to collaborating again with the world’s best emerging Fintech; we look forward to your application!

Who are we working with?

In line with our commitment to open collaboration with the Fintech and start-up communities worldwide, the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019 will be delivered in collaboration with Deloitte and 100%Open

Delivered in collaboration with

Deloitte and 100% Open are not affiliated with UBS