UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs

UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs is our signature entrepreneurship initiative to create a more inclusive landscape for underrepresented founders, especially women and entrepreneurs of color, to drive equitable economic opportunity and generational wealth building for entrepreneurs.

Our three core pillars: 

  • Educate and train underrepresented founders: provide skills and capacity building support to underrepresented founders to be investment ready and provide equitable pathways to capital 
  • Build & strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem: Increase the capacity of entrepreneur support organizations, build and diversify the community of investors nationwide, and connect founders to mentors and investors networks. 
  • Change the narrative on who gets funded: Increase visibility for underrepresented founders and fund managers, generate awareness for how to make capital more inclusive, and invest in research and knowledge to create a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our Partners and Programs

Project Entrepreneur

Program Overview

Project Entrepreneur, a flagship program by UBS, is on a mission to level the playing field for female founders by increasing their investment readiness, connecting them to the networks and resources they need to grow and scale their companies, and expand the ecosystem of support that advance women entrepreneurs.


Since 2015, Project Entrepreneur has trained and supported more than 1,800 female founders with alumni going on to raise more than $60M in capital

VC Include

Partnership Overview

VC Include is a platform to accelerate investment into diverse emerging managers—women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous and LGBTQ+. This ecosystem drives alpha to investors while also creating a more equitable funding landscape. In the U.S., just 1% of asset managers are diverse or are women. 


UBS partnered with VC Include to launch its inaugural BIPOC Fund Manager Fellowship, a training program for 12 best-in-class first-time fund managers to grow their networks and scale their funds.

Village Capital & Black Innovation Alliance

Partnership Overview

UBS is supporting Resource, a nationwide initiative developed by Village Capital and Black Innovation Alliance to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystems that support underrepresented founders. Resource is a cohort-based training and network building program for leaders of Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) that are led by people of color and directly support entrepreneurs of color.  


In 2020, UBS provided 13 early-stage ESOs with education and resources to help them build more financially sustainable organizations and more effectively support entrepreneurs.

Venture for America

Partnership Overview

Venture for America is a two-year fellowship program that recruits, trains and supports top college graduates to work at startups in 13 cities across the country.  


  • UBS partnered with VFA to launch Operation 3 to 300, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative to help 300 women and people of color launch businesses by 2021 
  • UBS also partners with VFA to provide seed funding for Fellow-founded startups through the UBS Venture Catalyst Award

Hello Alice

Partnership Overview

Hello Alice is a digital platform that connects business owners with the resources they need to launch and grow. With a community of more than 100,000 companies across the U.S. and beyond, Hello Alice aims to build the largest network of business owners in the country while using AI and data trends to increase the success rate for entrepreneurs. 


UBS offered emergency funding to support Hello Alice’s COVID-19 Business Resource Center and provided $10K emergency grants for women of color who were disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

Recent Events & Media


Good Morning America: Jamie Sears, Head of Community Affairs & Corporate Responsibility talked about why we need to get more capital to Black female founders and ways to make capital more inclusive. Watch both segments to learn more about the change makers who are building a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem: Segment 1 & Segment 2


The Network Effect: Sparking Meaningful Connections for Female Founders: A 3-day virtual event with New Power Media for 350+ female founders, funders and supporters to build their networks and learn from leading women entrepreneurs and investors.

Normalizing Black Wealth Series: UBS partnered with CultureBanx, to launch our Normalizing Black Wealth series on topics ranging from Black Culture in Venture Capital to Normalizing Black Future Wealth

Black Women Raise Series: Our events with Dee Poku Spalding, The WIE Suite and Black Women Raise focused on Black women entrepreneurs who are driving growth through enterprise partnerships, watch our most recent event here

Social Innovation Summit: At the 2021 Social Innovation Summit, Percy “Master P” Miller, philanthropist and founder of No Limit Records, and Mark Wilkins of UBS discussed the importance of ownership and how this operates as a vehicle to bridge the wealth gap in BIPOC communities, tune in here

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