UBS NextGen Leaders


UBS NextGen Leaders is our education initiative which increases college and career success for students who are the first in their families to go to college. Through our two programs, Keys To Your Future: College and Career Readiness and UBS-SEO College Scholars, we support bachelor's degree attainment to drive economic opportunity.

Keys To Your Future: College and Career Readiness

UBS-SEO College Scholars

Keys To Your Future: College and Career Readiness

Is a free of cost personalized digital curriculum for low-to-moderate-income high school students across the U.S., to better prepare them for college and career. The program was created in partnership with EverFi, a leading social impact technology company.

Spotlight on our UBS-SEO College Scholars

Meet Lawrence

Lawrence is a Senior at Davidson College and a Film and Media Studies major from Brooklyn, NY. He started his own company, Trilla GENT, to blend his love for music and film and he hopes to change the world through his art.

Meet Heydrick

Heydrick, originally from Bronx, NY, attends Wheaton College and Dartmouth College through a dual enrollment program. He hopes to use his chemical engineering education and product development interest to promote renewable energy and energy storage in the future.

UBS-SEO College Scholars


Designed in partnership with SEO Scholars, this intensive college success program supports 121 African American and Hispanic/Latino young men to persist to graduation at competitive institutions. This effort is aligned with President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative.

The cohort receives individualized advising, international experience, leadership development and internship and career preparation.

One generation leading the next

A mentor's advice 

The courage to ask

On a great path

A UBS-SEO College Scholar’s Journey: Listen in as Lateef, a college junior and Marvin Henry, a senior investment consultant in our Asset Management division chat about advice they’ve received from their mentors, the importance of being brave and asking questions and charting a path for the future.

About SEO Scholars

SEO Scholars, part of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, is a free eight-year academic program that gets low-income public high school students to and through college - with a 95% college graduation rate. This is done through intensive, one-on-one academic, personal, and career support throughout college.