Spotlight on our UBS-SEO College Scholars

Meet Lawrence

Lawrence is a Senior at Davidson College and a Film and Media Studies major from Brooklyn, NY. He started his own company, Trilla GENT, to blend his love for music and film and he hopes to change the world through his art.

Meet Heydrick

Heydrick, originally from Bronx, NY, attends Wheaton College and Dartmouth College through a dual enrollment program. He hopes to use his chemical engineering education and product development interest to promote renewable energy and energy storage in the future.


UBS NextGen Leaders is our education initiative which increases college and career success for students who are the first in their families to go to college. Through our two programs, The TalentED Project and UBS-SEO College Scholars, we support bachelor's degree attainment to drive economic opportunity.

The TalentED Project

UBS-SEO College Scholars

The TalentED Project


The TalentED Project is an online platform designed to match first-generation, lower-income college-goers with select institutions that are a good fit for them.

Free for all users, this relationship-based tool connects admissions recruiters with college access professionals (guidance counselors and nonprofit leaders) in order to strengthen the recruitment pipeline of high-potential students.


  • 100 colleges and universities, including Davidson, Georgia Tech, Centre, Texas Tech, Middlebury, Swarthmore, Butler and Vanderbilt have signed up on the site.
  • More than 300 college access organizations and high schools including Breakthrough, College Possible, KIPP, OneGoal and The Opportunity Network are creating profiles and inviting students.
  • Over 1,300 students have signed up and are empowered to evaluate good-fit colleges and universities, helping them narrow their college search.
  • Trained 1689 professionals on how to evaluate a good-fit college through in-person workshops and 93 webinars
  • Users represent 225 cities, 39 states and Washington D.C.
  • TalentED students are going to college at a higher rate versus the national average (74% vs. 63% for low and middle income students).

Finding a Good College Fit for U

About Tennessee College Access & Success Network (TCASN)

Tennessee College Access and Success Network aims to establish a college-going culture across Tennessee and works with member organizations and partners to remove barriers to higher education, promote college persistence, and increase postsecondary completion rates.

UBS-SEO College Scholars


Designed in partnership with SEO Scholars, this intensive college success program supports 125 African American and Hispanic/Latino young men to persist to graduation at competitive institutions. This effort is aligned with President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative.

The cohort receives individualized advising, international experience, leadership development and internship and career preparation.


  • Over 1,000 students and parents attended workshops on how to apply to college and review financial aid options.
  • 94% of the cohort returned to college for their junior year, an important indicator for persistence to graduation.
  • Scholars participated in three to five –week international trips to 15 countries including Argentina, Botswana, France, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Scholars have received 3,596 hours of individualized advising focused on academic, social, and career support.

One generation leading the next

A mentor's advice 

The courage to ask

On a great path

A UBS-SEO College Scholar’s Journey: Listen in as Lateef, a college junior and Marvin Henry, a senior investment consultant in our Asset Management division chat about advice they’ve received from their mentors, the importance of being brave and asking questions and charting a path for the future.

About SEO Scholars

SEO Scholars, part of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, is a free eight-year academic program that gets low-income public high school students to and through college - with a 95% college graduation rate. This is done through intensive, one-on-one academic, personal, and career support throughout college.

The Higher Ed Challenge

In fall 2015, UBS hosted a three-month challenge to help close the college affordability gap.

In partnership with OpenIDEO, an open innovation platform that catalyzes the global community around solving big social issues, we asked: How might we reimagine the cost of college in the U.S. and how it's paid for?

In early 2016, UBS and OpenIDEO reviewed all ideas that participants provided, and announced the Top Ideas as well as ways to potentially carry them forward. Click here to learn more.

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