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    CIO Monthly

    With Mark Haefele, UBS GWM Chief Investment Officer

    Top of Mind in Asia Pacific

    With Min Lan Tan, UBS APAC Chief Investment Officer

    Deep Dive | How could investors prepare for a “Goldilocks” scenario?

    With Crystal Zhao, UBS CIO Head of Asset Allocation Asia

    Circle One Exclusives

      New to Circle One?

      For the first time ever, the Circle One team presents exclusive interviews with speakers from the Singapore Year Ahead and Hong Kong Wealth Insights events, offering unprecedented insights.

      Episode 1: Predictions for 2024 | Part 2

      Episode 2: Market Outlook

      With El-Erian, President of Queens College, Cambridge University

      Episode 3: Geopolitics

      With Richard Haass, President Emeritus, Council on Foreign Relations

      Episode 4: Alternatives

      With KKR, Apollo, Blue Owl & OpenSpace Ventures

      Episode 5: Family Office

      With Professor Roger King

      Episode 6: AI

      With Capital Group & Former Chief Business Officer, Google X

      Episode 7: Solar Fuel

      With Dr. Philipp Furler, Founder & CEO, Synhelion

      Predictions for 2024

        Kelvin Tay’s Predictions for 2024

        With UBS Regional CIO, Kelvin Tay

        Equity Market Predictions for 2024

        With Chair of Capital International Inc. Robert Lovelace

        Fixed Income Predictions for 2024

        With PIMCO Group Chief Investment Officer Dan Ivascyn

        The AI Show

          New to Circle One?

          Why we raised our AI revenue growth forecast by 40%

          With The AI Show host Paul Stefansson & UBS CIO Equity Strategist Sundeep Gantori

          Tactical opportunities in global semiconductors

          With UBS CIO Equity Strategist Sundeep Gantori

          Google-backed startup, Anthropic: Enabling your business with generative AI

          With Neerav Kingsland, Anthropic, Head of Business Development

          Manager’s Perspective

            New to Circle One?

            KKR: Real assets & infrastructure

            With Paula Campbell Roberts, Chief Investment Strategist for Global Wealth, KKR

            Thoma Bravo: Software buyout strategies & AI in SaaS

            With Orlando Bravo, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Thoma Bravo

            PGIM: Data Centers, backbone of the digital industry

            With Morgan Laughlin, Global Head of Data Center Investments, PGIM Real Estate

            UBS House View Process

            Driven by insight

            Our independent research-based advisory approach is designed to draw from extensive expertise across all asset classes, currencies and localities

            UBS Explains

            Behavioral Finance

            Investors can easily fall victim to irrationality and emotions when investing. In this episode, we explain how this can damage returns and how to protect yourself against these inbuilt tendencies.

            Should investors be worried about the US government debt

            In this episode of our UBS Explains series, Paul Donovan, UBS Chief Economist, discusses why is borrowing necessary for any government and what is the impact of an increasing US debt level for investors.

            What is private credit

            In this video, we explore what is private credit and why you should consider it as part of your portfolio allocation with Antoinette Zuidweg, Alternative Investment Strategist.

            How to manage your equity exposure

            Equities are the cornerstone of most portfolios. However, there are times when the equity markets become less attractive. In this video, we explore how to invest during such periods with Mark Anderson Co-Head CIO Global Asset Allocation.

            How Performance Linked to Equity Securities (PERLES) can enhance upside returns

            Clare Chia, of UBS’s Global Markets Structured Advisory Team, explains how PERLES work.

            What are emerging markets

            Emerging Markets are a diverse investment region spanning multiple economies around the world. Michael Bolliger, UBS CIO GWM Global EM, will explain to us the characteristics of emerging markets how they can serve as a good diversification tool.

            How Credit Linked Notes (CLNs) can enhance your portfolio yield

            Serena Tang, UBS Equity and Structured Products Specialist explains how Credit Linked Notes (CLNs) work.

            How Discretionary and Advisory Portfolios work

            Ricardo Beninatto, UBS Head Active Advisory SEA and Jessie Lee, UBS Investment Specialist, explain Discretionary & Advisory portfolios, and how to select the right portfolio for different investment objectives.

            How to adopt an Endowment Style Portfolio

            Nicolas Kunz, UBS Investment Specialist, discusses rethinking the common balanced 60/40 portfolio with an endowment style investing strategy.

            What is Credit

            Thomas Wacker, UBS Co-Head Chief Investment Office Credit, provides an overview of what credit is and how to invest in it.

            Why warrants matter

            Meryl Lee, UBS Equity and Structured Products Specialist, explains how warrants work, the risks and benefits for investors.

            How to invest with Reverse Convertible Notes

            Serena Tang, UBS Equity and Structured Products Specialist, explains Reverse Convertible Notes (RCN) and how they can be a yield enhancement strategy for investors.

            Preserving wealth across generations

            UBS Wealth Planners Vincci Au and Regina Lo discuss succession planning tools that can ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of wealth to loved ones.

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