UBS Manage™ You set the goal, we implement it

With a delegation solution, you set out the guidelines that we follow in order to manage your assets.
You choose your investment strategy according to your individual needs, goals, investment preferences and risk tolerance. While you outline the framework, you delegate the ongoing optimization to our team of professional portfolio managers.

Three immediate advantages:

  • You benefit directly from our experience and discipline
  • You can adjust your investment strategy when needed and you can keep track all the information whenever you want
  • This gives you the peace of mind to pursue other things

Tailored to you.

To meet your objectives, your client advisor will review your financial situation, your investment goals and your risk profile to design a personalized investment portfolio strategy

As fast as it gets.

Your mandate is constantly monitored. This is the best way to overlay the UBS House View on your investments. We can react to market changes more quickly than with any other UBS investment solution.

UBS House View

900 analyst, economists and strategists constantly monitor global markets and set our UBS House View, which is directly applied to your portfolio.