Securities-backed financing

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Securities-backed financing allows you to monetize your existing assets, so you enjoy greater flexibility. You can make investments and exploit market opportunities without selling your assets; these serve to secure your financing.

Securities-backed financing at a glance

  • Financing secured by pledging assets
  • Amount, currency and term tailored to your needs
  • Attractive terms and conditions as the financing is secured by your assets
  • Quick and easy access to capital

What you can do with securities-backed financing

Access cash: securities-backed financing gives you liquidity no need to sell your existing investments.

Grasp investment opportunities: take advantage of good opportunities with securities-backed financing you can react quickly, without having to restructure your portfolio.

Optimize returns: investing using securities-backed financing helps you optimize the income potential of your portfolio.

Increase security: with securities-backed financing you can diversify your investments and hedge currency risks.

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Your structured lending solutions

In addition to Lombard loans primarily pledged against diversified portfolios, our structured lending facilities provide you with greater flexibility across a range of accepted collateral types, structures and conditions. UBS can also help you choose and implement structured lending facilities tailored to your needs and financial goals.

There is a wide range of collateral that might be used for structured lending:

Single stock positions:

Many entrepreneurs and senior executives have wealth tied up in single stock positions. UBS may lend against those positions to unlock short- to mid-term liquidity.

Concentrated equities, bonds or hedge fund portfolios:

Some investors hold bulk positions in equities, bonds and/or hedge funds. UBS offers tailored financing solutions to lend against those assets.

Private equity limited partnership interests:

Private equity fund investments typically have long investment horizons of several years and rarely have a secondary market. UBS may lend against your private equity fund investments to free up value for future capital calls, investment diversification strategies as well as general personal and corporate purposes.

Unlisted equity investments:

You may hold a substantial stake in an unlisted stock and have a plan to sell your holdings, fully or partially. UBS may lend against your strategic stakes in unlisted shares ahead of a liquidity event.

Additionally, UBS can provide extended financing solutions through

  • risk hedging strategies
  • loans with recourse to strong financial counterparties
  • complex credit structures

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