What if I live to 100? Do I have the right plan?

Life in later years is changing. You may want to remain hands on. Take a step back. Or pursue other passions. As time goes by, you might need to reconsider your financial plan. It’s never too early to start planning for your future. So it's good to know you'll have support from our experts straightaway, helping you create a strong and flexible plan. And as time rolls by, you'll keep receiving advice and solutions to meet your changing needs.

Questions to ask yourself

To ensure your financial plan is the best it can be, it pays to start early. But there’s a lot to think about. Start by asking yourself these three questions:

Questions to ask yourself


of people expect future events to be positive, even when they only remember 69% of past events as positive.*

What should I consider when planning for tomorrow?

Our services embrace all the major milestones you'll face. These include passing on your wealth to the next generation, retiring, protecting yourself and your loved ones, and relocating somewhere new. You can rely on our wealth planners as you journey through life.

How can I be sure my wealth will reach the right people?

We can help protect and transfer your assets smoothly to the next generation. Succession planning, secure corporate trustees, and trusts are just some of the services we provide.

How can I help make the world a better place while putting my wealth to work?

Our global teams can advise and support you on every aspect of philanthropy, giving to charities, and values-based investing. And we'll help you achieve your philanthropic goals in a financially rewarding way.

Questions to ask yourself


of billionaire fortune were not preserved beyond first and second generations.**

How can wealth management help?

You have some of the world’s most experienced financial professionals working together on your behalf. Your main point of contact is your Client Advisor, who’ll work with our wealth planning specialists and other members of the relationship service team to address your
specific needs.

Our service

Great investment advice doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our service takes in to account all your financial needs, from wealth planning to investing. We call this your total wealth solution.

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