Billionaires report 2019

A relatively small number of entrepreneurs have been the agents of change, applying new technologies and business models. Now in its fifth year, the "Billionaires insights 2019" report, analyzes how entrepreneurs’ businesses have excelled. Long-term vision, smart risk-taking, business focus and determination have resulted in businesses' outperformance.

That is the “Billionaire effect”. Download the report to learn more.

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                  Billionaire data 2014

                  Total number of billionaires


                  Wealth Development

                  • 2.8trAmericas
                  • 2.1trAPAC
                  • 1.2trEMEA
                  • 1.2trMSCI ACWI
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                  • 2.8trSelf
                  • 2.1trMulti-

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                  • 2.8trTechnology
                  • 2.1trConsumer and retail
                  • 1.2trReal estate

                  Selected countries total wealth

                  • 256US
                  • 277RUSSIA
                  • 502CHINA


                  Billionaire-controlled companies outperform

                  Over the 15 years to the end of 2018, billionaire-controlled companies listed on the equity market returned 17.8% versus the 9.1% of the MSCI ACWI, almost twice the annualized average performance of the market.

                  Billionaires have distinct traits

                  Three personality traits explain billionaires' success. Billionaires are smart risk-takers, business focused, and determined which benefit their businesses.

                  Five strong years close with a dip

                  From 2013-2018, billionaire wealth grew by 34.5%, reaching USD 8.5 trillion. However, billionaire wealth dropped in 2018 by 4.3%, or USD 388 billion.

                  Philanthropic pioneers

                  "Impact" has become the key word for these leading entrepreneurs, who engineer far-reaching change.

                  The Athena factor

                  Over the five years to the end of 2018, female billionaires increased by 46%, rising from 160 to 233. Meanwhile, the number of male billionaires grew by 39%.

                  The rise of tech's titans

                  Technology is the only industry where billionaire wealth increased in 2018, rising 3.4% to USD 1.3 trillion.