How much do you know about sustainable investing?

Challenge your knowledge on sustainable investing with this quiz.

27 Sep 2018
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2018 World Economic Forum: Partnerships for the goals

The world is falling well short of raising the USD 5 - 7trn in annual investment needed to achieve the UN's 17 different SDGs. As the world's largest wealth manager, we believe we are in a position to enact real change in closing this gap.

Longer term investments

By focusing on the sustainable effects that inexorable global trends such as population growth, aging, and urbanization are likely to have on companies and sectors, investors can turn some of the challenges of our world in transition to their favor.

Investing for return and good: SI Strategic Asset Allocation

Many investors express interest in sustainable investing, but do not have a clear idea of how they can achieve both sustainable/impact objectives and financial returns in diversified investment portfolios

Myth vs Reality: The truth about sustainable investing

Sustainable investing offers investors the opportunity to do good for the world while their portfolios do well. Still though, there exist myths that dissuade investors from committing capital to sustainable investments. Luckily, these myths are debunkable and investors need not be afraid.