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21 July Pro-Brexit Boris Johnson is the new UK prime minister

Boris Johnson, a leading proponent of Brexit in the 2016 referendum, will take over as the next UK prime minister.

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What's next for Brexit?

A pro-Brexit candidate is the front-runner to be the next British prime minister. What does it mean for investors?

Visiting the upper end of a volatile range

Politics remain in the driver's seat in sterling pairings. Check our EURGBP forecast.

24 May

The end of May. What's next for Brexit?

The Brexit process will likely drag on for some time longer, causing considerable uncertainty for investors.

17 May

Brexit Brief: The European Parliament Elections

Our view on UK's participation in the European Parliament elections and the impact on the domestic politics.

02 May

May's Brexit, slow Brexit, or no Brexit?

Fresh twists in the Brexit saga have become a daily occurrence. The denouement remains hard to predict, and options range from a no-deal Brexit to a significant delay with no exit at all.

26 April

Brexit Brief: Questions and (some) answers

We have collected together a list of frequently asked questions and we have tried our best to answer them as clearly we can.

11 April

Brexit Brief: Brextra time

The European Council meeting concluded with a decision to grant the UK a flexible extension until 31 October. What is next?

3 April

Brexit Brief: It's good to talk

The change of tack by Theresa May to find a cross-party consensus on Brexit is unlikely to succeed, in our view.

2 April

Currency comment: Parliament disunity sends sterling lower again

What next can we expect for sterling?

1 April

Brexit Brief: Indicating a long extension

The second round of indicative votes failed to deliver a majority in favor of any of the four options put in front of MPs.

29 March

Currency comment: Another "no" vote keeps sterling under pressure

Sterling endured another roller coaster ride.

29 March

Brexit Brief: Another defeat - extension looking increasingly likely

Theresa May suffered another defeat in what must be her final attempt to get the Withdrawal Agreement she negotiated with the EU approved by MPs.

28 March

Currency comment: Indicative votes end sterling rally

Sterling remains in a tug-of-war as Brexit news comes thick and fast. The result?

27 March

Brexit Brief: Indicative votes get us no further forward

MPs on Wednesday debated and then voted on eight different options, ranging from leaving the EU without a deal to revoking Article 50.

22 March

Brexit Brief: Flextension

Article 50 has been extended, but the date of the UK's departure from the EU is still unclear. If MPs support May's deal next week then the UK will leave the EU on 22 May.

20 March

Currency comment: Uncertainty could further hurt sterling

Tough talk continues between UK and EU. Discover what this means for sterling.

20 March

Brexit Brief: Three more months?

Any delay is likely to have consequences for the economy, which will struggle to shake off the unending Brexit uncertainty.

18 March

Brexit Brief: (Yet) Another meaningful vote

Whether or not a vote is held could also depend on the likelihood of winning it; the ongoing negotiations with the DUP are likely to be a crucial factor.

14 March

Brexit Brief: Delayed

Another day, another Brexit vote, which resulted in an extension to the Article 50 deadline. However, as is always the case with Brexit, things are never that simple.

13 March

Brexit Brief: No-deal, no more

In the second of a series of Brexit votes that took place last week, MPs voted to reject the option of leaving the EU without a deal.

12 March

Brexit Brief: Handing over control

A last-minute effort to secure legally binding changes to the Withdrawal Agreement was not enough to convince MPs to back Prime Minister May's deal, which suffered a second defeat in the House of Commons.

12 March

Currency comment: Sterling takes a wild ride

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement (WA) has again been defeated in the UK Parliament. Discover what impact this has on sterling.

12 March

Brexit uncertainty persists after government defeat

The UK government's plan to withdraw from the EU has suffered a second defeat in Parliament, despite renewed assurances from European negotiators over the contentious Irish backstop clause. So what comes next?

07 March

Will UK Lawmakers approve a Brexit deal?

The outcome of the Brexit negotiations remains highly uncertain. As a result, the UK's future is wide open. The chances are rising for a delay, a general election, a second referendum, or even no Brexit at all.

20 February 

Currency comment: GBPUSD outlook

Brexit uncertainty remains the key downside risk to GBPUSD over the next three months.

19 February

Currency comment: EURGBP outlook

Delays to the process, or even going down the route of a second referendum or general election, could create considerable uncertainty for sterling.

15 February

Brexit Brief: Running down the clock

May has adopted a tactic that those familiar with European negotiations should be accustomed to – running down the clock.

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