Longer term investments

The Long-term investment series contains thematic investment ideas based on long term structural developments.

What are long-term investment themes?

The Longer Term Investments (LTI) series contains thematic investment ideas based on long term structural developments. Secular trends such as population growth, aging, and increase urbanization create a variety of longer term investment opportunities.

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Themes in alphabetical order:

A - D

Aging in comfort

A growing share of the population is living in retirement for longer, which presents specific market opportunities.

Agricultural yield

Calorie demand per person continues to increase, even in countries where food shortages are unknown.

Automation and robotics

Smart automation will power the fourth industrial revolution, combining the innovation in industrial and IT processes.

Circular economy

Hyper-consumption and accelerating global trade have been key engines for global growth. Traction is growing for a circular economy, where resources can be repaired, recycled and reused.

Clean air and carbon reduction

Population growth and urbanization across the globe are driving the need for clean air innovations as GDP growth increases.

Consumer experience

A structural shift is occurring in consumer behavior, in our view, with spending on experiences increasing. People want to belong to a community and share their experience.

Digital data

Rising urbanization and population growth with increasing devices per capita should continue to fuel data growth.

Diversity and equality

We think companies that promote diversity and equality throughout their value chains and processes can deliver outperformance in the long run.

E – G


Smartphone penetration has dissolved boundaries of time and place, enabling consumers to buy products whenever and wherever they want.

Education Services

With limits to many governments’ education resources, there is increased opportunity for the private education market.

Emerging market healthcare

An aging EM population will require public healthcare investment in EM to grow sharply to prevent an impending healthcare crisis.

Emerging market infrastructure

Growing urbanization, the expansion of megacities and economic growth in EM are driving demand for infrastructure investment.

Enabling technology

Tech devices and advances have disrupted every aspect of our lives, and spending on the underlying enabling technologies.

Energy efficiency

Stricter regulation and corporate competition to improve product efficiency are driving demand for energy-efficiency solutions.

Energy transition

The world consumes an enormous amount of energy every day. Global demand will continue to rise, driven by macro trends.

Family business

Family businesses tend to follow a long-term strategy and offer alignment of incentives between company management and the key shareholders.


The global fintech industry is at an inflection point and set to drive a major digital transformation in the financial services industry.

Food revolution

With available resources and arable land dwindling, farmers are facing a predicament. Technology holds the key, and investment opportunities are opening up as a result.

Frontier markets

We expect the demographic profile of frontier markets to lift their medium-term growth potential relative to emerging markets.

Genetic therapies

Genetic therapies use genes and cells to treat serious diseases. Replacing defective DNA can remove the cause of an illness and restore health.

H – W


An aging population is putting more pressure on healthcare budgets, spurring healthcare providers to explore adopting new technologies.

Medical devices

An aging population and growth of the over 65 year age group will create more opportunities for companies selling medical devices.


Consumer-facing industries such as media and entertainment, advertising, and even apparel will likely be active participants in the metaverse.


Urbanization and rising per-capita GDP in EMs will contribute to an ever-greater prevalence of global obesity.


Advances in cancer therapeutics will create new multi-billion dollar opportunities for successful drugs.

Security and safety

Growing trends such as urbanization, digital data growth, and increased regulation support demand for security and safety.

Smart mobility

Global urbanization will call for structural changes in technology that will alter the way we “consume” mobility in the coming decades.

Space economy

The combination of declining space launch costs and advances in satellite technology will raise the value of the space economy.

Water scarcity

As the world's population rises, increasing strain is being placed on the planet's limited natural resources.

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