On Thursday December 7, UBS will release new findings on the habits of art collectors and their implications in an Investor Watch Pulse Survey

Artwork presentation in the UBS lounge in Miami Beach will showcase UBS Art Collection artist Shahzia Sikander

Miami Beach, 4 December 2017 – UBS, Global Lead Partner of Art Basel, celebrates the opening of Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017 with the release on Thursday, December 7, of a special Investor Watch Pulse Survey, For the Love of Art. The findings will reveal the attitudes and behaviors of affluent and high net worth art collectors. In the UBS VIP lounge for clients and guests, there will be a focused presentation of the work of UBS Art Collection artist Shahzia Sikander.

“Like our clients, UBS wants to be where the art world gathers and we have an extensive history of contributing to a meaningful dialogue about contemporary art. Our long-term partnership with Art Basel, coupled with our renowned art collection, is at the core of our involvement in contemporary art,” explained John Mathews, Group Managing Director, Head of Private Wealth Management and Ultra High Net Worth, UBS Wealth Management Americas. “As the global leader in wealth management, we strive to offer our clients the best advice and solutions. Through our research publications, including the UBS/PwC Billionaire’s Report and our quarterly Investor Watch Report, and as co-publisher of 'The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report' by Dr. Clare McAndrew, we are able to develop and provide intelligence on the art market and collecting to our clients and beyond.”

UBS has had a long-standing relationship with Art Basel, serving as Lead Partner of the original show in Basel, Switzerland since 1994, Miami Beach since its inception in 2002, and Hong Kong since 2014. As Art Basel’s global footprint continues to expand with new initiatives, so does UBS’s support, mirroring the bank’s growth in global markets and its shared belief with Art Basel in creating a global platform for the exchange of ideas that drive the art world forward. UBS also recently announced its role as Global Lead Partner of Art Basel Cities, a new initiative which expands Art Basel's engagement in the art world to working with cities to develop cultural programs that share the city's vitality with global audiences, offering the art world new opportunities to discover and engage with cultural scenes across the world, the first of which – Buenos Aires – was launched this fall.

UBS Investor Watch Pulse Survey – For the Love of Art

In a special Investor Watch Pulse Survey, UBS studied the attitudes and behaviors of fine art collectors, and will release the findings on December 7 to coincide with Art Basel in Miami Beach. The Q417 UBS Investor Watch Report, issued on November 9, looked at broader collecting segments and found that most collectors have spent more than 20 years accumulating their collections, which represent on average 10% of their total wealth. Gold and precious metals (49%), fine art (36%), precious jewelry (26%), stamps (22%), antiques (16%), automobiles (15%) and wine (12%) are the most collected items.

For the Love of Art follows the release of the UBS/PwC Billionaires Report 2017, "New value creators gain momentum." This report outlines that the emergence of great wealth is paying dividends for art collecting – not only in the US but globally and especially in Asia. US collectors continue to lead the list, but Chinese art collectors are increasingly active. The report illustrates a growth in the engagement in art by billionaires, further globalizing art collecting and patronage, with private museums growing in number, especially in Asia, making art more accessible to a broader public.

UBS Art Collection at Art Basel in Miami Beach

This year’s annual presentation in the firm’s VIP lounge will feature the work of Pakistani-American and UBS Art Collection artist Shahzia Sikander. The focus reflects the Collection's mission to engage deeply with represented artists. Sikander's pioneering practice reimagines historical Indian and Persian miniature painting. Experimenting through scale and media, her work often highlights how dislocation of objects, ideas, concepts and forms over time and through history, keep meaning in constant flux. One of the recurring motifs that she has developed is the hair worn by female worshippers of the Hindu deity Krishna, known as Gopi. These Gopi particles morph into different forms such as suns and spheres. In recent years, Sikander has focused on creating mosaics ranging from intimate objects to large scale, site-specific installations. The UBS lounge presentation will include mosaics, digital animations, works on paper, and prints to exemplify the breadth of her oeuvre.

UBS Art Studio at Art Basel in Miami Beach

This year, UBS hosts the UBS Art Studio, a public space on the east side of the Miami Beach Convention Center that will be open to all visitors throughout the duration of the show, through December 10. Guests are invited to relax and enjoy complimentary juices, engage in UBS live social media coverage of the show, read UBS art and business publications and explore UBS’s signature art news app, Planet Art.

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