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UBS sponsors The King’s Singers' performance at Beijing Music Festival

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Beijing (17 October 2017) - To mark 14 years of partnership with the Beijing Music Festival (BMF), UBS is delighted to sponsor a special concert featuring world-renowned British vocal ensemble, The King’s Singers. The concert, which is the first time that The King's Singers have performed at the BMF, will take place on 18 October 2017 at the Winland International Finance Center.

Established at King's College Cambridge in 1968, The King's Singers are a multi-award winning choral group renowned for their virtuoso ability which has been appreciated by audiences around the world.

The King's Singers will stay true to their commitment to musical diversity by performing pieces by some of Russia’s greatest composers, including Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Stravinsky, alongside more modern songs. The concert will feature The King's Singers' unique take on traditional Chinese songs, including Lake Baikal, Mo Li Hua, and Shanghai Tann as well as a selection of pieces by 'jazz queen' Ella Fitzgerald.

UBS's long-standing support for the Beijing Music Festival aims both to promote musical talent in China and enhance the cultural collaboration with artists from around the world. In line with its commitment to supporting the cultural and financial development of the communities in which it operates, the firm is arranging a series of events for UBS employees and Community Affairs partners. As well as joining the UBS Lunch & Learn speaker series, The King's Singers will take part in a workshop with more than 30 students from the Shunyi District Thirteenth Middle School.

"We are delighted that The King's Singers will be coming to Beijing and look forward to a unique concert of songs by French and Russian composers, as well as American Jazz and Chinese folksongs," said Dr. Eugene Qian, Chairman of UBS China Strategy Board

"We have been performing in China for over 10 years, and are excited to return to Beijing. This is the first time we will take part in the Beijing Music Festival and by mixing contemporary pieces with songs by some heavyweight Russian composers we hope to inspire new audiences and bring joy through our music,” said The King's Singers.

About UBS and Culture

UBS, a global financial services firm, has a rich history of cultural engagement around the world. As part of UBS's Main Partnership with the Montreux Jazz Festival, which commenced in 1988, UBS launched the Prix du Public UBS in 2014 to secure the Festival's future by supporting musicians of tomorrow. UBS is Lead Partner with Art Basel's show in Hong Kong, and is a long-term Global Lead Partner with Art Basel. In 2015/2016, UBS commissioned the celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz to create a new body of work for an exhibition WOMEN: New Portraits, which went on a 10-city global tour. In 2014, UBS (China) Limited opened a new Beijing sub-branch and the firm's first ground floor presence in Asia Pacific, followed by the opening of its Shanghai Branch in Huangpu district in March 2016. A unique feature of the premises is the display of key western and Chinese contemporary art pieces from the UBS Art Collection by internationally acclaimed artists including: Sir Anish Kapoor; Wei Guangqing; Shii Guowei; Michael Craig-Martin; Liu Weijian; Huang Min; Hanneline Visnes; Ingrid Calame; and Sarah Morris. In 2013-2014, UBS presented the critically acclaimed show No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center and at the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art in Singapore as part of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative. Since 2000, UBS has supported productions by the Sydney Theatre Company.

About the King's Singers

The King's Singers are winners of two Grammy Awards, and an Emmy, as well as having secured a place in Gramophone’s inaugural Hall of Fame. Today, the group consists of Patrick Dunachie, Countertenor, (joined September 2016), Timothy Wayne-Wright, Countertenor, (joined January 2009), Julian Gregory, Tenor, (joined September 2014) Christopher Bruerton, Baritone, (joined January 2012), Christopher Gabbitas, Baritone, (joined February 2004), Jonathan Howard, Bass, Joined September 2010.

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