UBS Securities, LLC–Comment

Business Continuity Planning: UBS Securities LLC is responsible for maintaining and carrying out business continuity plans in the event of disruptions. These plans enable the Firm to continue performing critical business functions, such as the facilitation of customer transactions and other capital markets activities, in the event of localized or industry-wide crises, emergencies, pandemics or other events that result in adverse market conditions. Examples of actions the firm may undertake include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Relocating personnel to designated recovery locations and/or permitting certain personnel to work remotely from home;
  • Implementation of bespoke controls and supervisory protocols reasonably designed to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations; and
  • Deployment and reallocation of personnel and resources depending on the nature of the event and its impact to the Firm's various business lines.

While the Firm has taken significant steps to carefully develop and implement these plans, we cannot guarantee that the Firm's systems will function at normal capacity during a disruption or the Firm will be capable of processing the same (or greater) volume of activity as handled during regular market conditions. As a result, increased latency and other factors may negatively impact execution quality and the ability of the Firm to accept certain types of orders, but the Firm will continue to use reasonable diligence to satisfy its regulatory obligations, including its duty of best execution.

As detailed in FINRA NTM 15-46 (PDF, 128 KB), in the potential event of extreme market conditions occurring which impact the trading of Fixed Income securities, UBS Securities, LLC may consider implementing Extreme Market Condition procedures for handling specific Fixed Income securities.  If UBS chooses to invoke such procedures, we will notify at or prior to the time such procedures are invoked and provide additional details around which asset classes within Fixed Income are affected.

For more information on the Firm's business continuity plans, please visit our Business Continuity Planning website.