Billionaire Ambitions Report 2022

What do billionaires plan to do about today‘s global challenges? How will they use wealth, innovation and impact to tackle these challenges? We asked them. Get unique insights from our first survey of UBS's billionaire clients.

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It’s really important to have your feet on the ground and be able to understand the power you have and how you could use it in a positive way
a European billionaire explained

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From climate change to food security and disease, this is a time of exceptional environmental and societal challenges.

Yet it‘s also an era when ambition has been rewarded as never before. As billionaires have the resources, ideas and connections, we set out to understand whether they‘re turning their ambitions to global challenges. Are we at the beginning of a new era? If so, what are they doing?

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Key insights

  • 0 %

    believe that they should use their wealth or resources to tackle global challenges

Address challenges
  • 0 %

    said through their business

  • 0 %

    through philanthropy

  • 0 %

    through investing in areas connected to global challenges

  • 0 %

    said for the sake of future generations

  • 0 %

    because it allows them to combine their values with financial returns

  • 0 %

    because they want to have a positive impact in society

  • 0 %

    in smart agriculture

  • 0 %

    in poverty alleviation

  • 0 %

    in clean water and sanitation

Investment opportunities
  • 0 Years

    Surveyed billionaires see the biggest investment opportunities the next 5 years in Energy and Asia-Pacific

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