Billionaire Ambitions Report 2023

Learn from billionaire ambitions, business objectives and investment preferences.

Dive deeper

Learn from our global billionaire survey.

Learn from our global billionaire survey.

We asked our billionaire clients

  • We surveyed our billionaire clients in Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia-Pacific.
  • Get exclusive insights into their business, investments, and legacy.

A new generation of billionaires

Our analysis showed that a new cohort of multigenerational families takes shape.

  • How are their ideas and ambitions changing compared to previous generations?
  • Which technologies are they placing their bets on?
  • How many are following the family business?
A new generation of billionaires

Get your answers from the Billionaire Ambitions Report.

USD 5.2 trillion wealth handover is gaining momentum.

See what billionaires are doing with their money

More than 1,000 billionaires are expected to pass USD 5.2 trillion to their heirs over the next 20 to 30 years.

  • Which one is the industry with the most billionaires?
  • Which region ranked first?
  • Which country has the largest concentration of billionaires?

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