Reserve Management Seminar

2022 Event Highlights

For the 28th consecutive year, UBS hosted one of the most successful and longest running events in the industry. Over the years it has developed into one of the leading events addressing recent trends in reserve management from areas of asset allocation to (geo)-political, macro economic and megatrends featuring around 35 institutions from 28 different countries across the globe.

28th Reserve Management Seminar Survey

Find out the top macro, economic, FX reserve management concerns for 2022, the latest Strategic Asset Allocations, what's changed with currencies and the impact of sanctions and geopolitics.

Is it time for reserve managers to revisit their fixed income allocations?

We believe fixed income risk-returns are stabilizing and will improve going forward, so it’s a good time for investors to revisit their allocation to the asset class.

Interviews of our key conference speakers

Hear some of the highlights and latest insights from our 2022 conference speakers.

Event Days

Day one summary

We kicked off by looking at Reserve management in a shifting geopolitical environment, the global economic and financial outlook and the current pressure points.

Day two summary

We covered gold, digital currencies and the developments and trends in the virtual assets space and how the global reserve system is evolving. The inflation debate: is it transitory or is there a regime shift?

Day three summary

We moved to asset allocation and covered sustainability, fixed income and diversifying into alternative asset classes, and ended with the current challenges and opportunities for reserve managers.

Day four summary

We ended with how central banks can deal with inflation, heard how sovereign funds are approaching net zero, driving further change with engagements and finally the broader market outlook.