French gender equality index

Complying with the Avenir law (September 5, 2018), UBS (France) S.A. publishes its gender equality index. This law aims to eliminate all gender pay disparities in France.

Scoring on a total of 100 points, this index allows companies to assess compensation equality between men and women. It is calculated on the basis of 5 criteria:

  • Wage difference between women and men (40 points)
  • Pay increase differences between women and men (20 points)
  • Differences in annual promotions (15 points)
  • Pay increase upon return from maternity leave (15 points)
  • Number of women amongst the top 10 earners of the company (10 points)

UBS (France) S.A. scores a total of 76 points for year of reference (January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019)