Concentrated alpha equities

High active share with an integrated ESG approach

Our expertise

We combine high active share with an integrated ESG approach to provide you with a 'truly active' investment solution. We use a differentiated 3-circle process that combines mutually independent fundamental, quantitative and qualitative information sources that seeks to identify the best risk/reward opportunities from a bottom-up basis.

What sets us apart

Independent thinking

We foster distinct teams, each with their own skills, different viewpoints and philosophies to allow an independent decision-making process, while leveraging all the resources of UBS Asset Management.


Our Concentrated Alpha Equities team takes a flexible yet disciplined approach we seek to generate strong risk-adjusted returns in varying market environments.


Our lean and nimble team has access to a large set of internal and external resources from our global team, including internal ESG risk assessments.

Our strategies

Global and Europe

We offer highly active Global and European equity strategies, and focus on active share rather than tracking error or number of stocks.

Long and long/short

These include both long only and long/short approaches, which allow us to take advantage of declining stock prices.


With both sustainability and big data / artificial intelligence part of our investment process.

It’s important for investors to note the risks associated with investing, including strategies that have an active management style, where performance can deviate substantially from that of its reference index, or where strategies use derivatives, which may result in additional risks (particularly counterparty risk). Every strategy has specific risks, which can significantly increase under unusual market conditions, and investors should familiarize themselves with the risks prior to making an investment.

We seek to invest in the best risk vs. reward stocks that not only offer attractive upside but limited downside risk. Our differentiated "3-circle" process combines fundamental, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Max Anderl, Lead Portfolio Manager

Market Outlook

Our team

The structure of our team and the clear split in responsibilities allows us to react quickly and effectively to new opportunities that arise in the market. At the same time, we have access to a diverse and reliable set of resources internally and externally.

Jeremy Leung, Deputy Portfolio Manager, UBS Asset Management

Jeremy Leung, CFA

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