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Figuring out how to execute your financial planning strategy can feel overwhelming. That's when a trusted partner can help.

When it comes to growing wealth, it pays to step back and see the big picture. We'll look at where you are and we’ll help you devise a financial strategy to get you where you want to be. You'll have some of the world's finest financial professionals looking after you. And because we monitor global markets, we can help you capitalise on opportunities to grow your money.

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The starting point for managing your wealth is having a clear plan that’s linked to your financial goals. Your plan needs to work towards your long-term goals while reducing the danger of making poor decisions during periods of market volatility.

Questions to ask yourself

When you start working on a financial plan, there’s a lot to consider. Start by asking yourself these questions:

The short answer is now. When you start exploring all the options out there, you might be surprised to discover all of the various products and services available to you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every person is unique and has their own specific background and circumstances. You need to consider what’s right for you and what you want to achieve in the long and short term. Once you decide on your goals, don't forget to review them on a regular basis. They could change based on life events and external factors like changes in the economy or the current geopolitical situation.

Do you feel confident enough to be in the driver’s seat and do you want someone who can execute your decisions? Or do you prefer to define the ultimate goal and let the experts figure out how to achieve it? All of these, plus some options in between, are possible. It all depends on your choices and preferences.

Protect and grow my wealth

When growing family and business wealth, it’s essential to take a long-term view of your situation. This means looking at where your wealth is now and what it might become. It takes a bit of planning, but getting it sorted out now will pay off in the long run.

Questions to ask yourself

When you plan to grow your wealth, there’s a lot to consider. Start by asking yourself these questions:

How much control you have over your investments is up to you. Do you prefer to be in charge, or do you want us to take care of investing for you? The decision is up to you, and only you know what’s best.

We can advise you on solutions that help you meet your financial needs, combining quality third-party products with our expert in-house investment solutions. Together, we'll help you manage the markets by keeping your portfolio diverse with a mix of traditional and alternative investments.

Volatile markets can test your patience. However, they can also offer many opportunities. Watching the markets closely means we can advise you on when to capitalise on these opportunities and how to make the best of any situation.

Women's wealth

Many women feel the financial services industry doesn’t reflect their values or meet their needs. That’s why we’re committed to creating the new face of wealth together with women. Our goal is to better serve women by providing expertise and a wide range of financial solutions for every stage in their lives.

Transfer my wealth

It‘s not easy to predict your future, see what‘s around the next bend and know which direction to go. Reducing uncertainty about the future starts with an open conversation about what you want for your family. You’ll have questions, and together we can help you find the answers. The earlier you address succession planning, the earlier you’ll be ready.

Questions to ask yourself

To make your financial plan as effective as possible, it’s a good idea to begin early. There’s a lot to consider, so start by asking yourself these questions:

It’s never too early to talk to your children about money: how it was earned, how it should be managed, and why it doesn’t define them. Does your family have the right perspective on wealth?

It may seem like an uncomfortable topic to discuss. Starting a conversation about your plans means you’re already halfway there. Honesty is the best policy — the more truthful you are about how you’d like to pass on your wealth, the easier the discussion becomes.

You want to give your children access to the best opportunities in life. Maybe the challenges you faced helped get you where you are today. Think about how to leave behind a legacy for them that also serves their best interests.

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