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You’re closer to your business than anyone. But you may be too close to see the big picture. That’s when a fresh perspective and a long-term plan can help.

We have a long history of working with entrepreneurs. Our experienced advisors offer guidance and direction, helping to identify opportunities and stimulate growth.

Whether you want to start, expand, sell or simply transfer your business to future generations, we can help you structure your assets to maximize the value of your company.

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Together, we can help you take your business further.

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Starting a company from scratch is complex. Every entrepreneur experiences highs and lows when launching a new business, even if they follow a thorough plan.

When starting a company, you’ll be focused on getting things done for your new business. The right business insights are a priceless asset that will help you make sense of the big picture.

Getting this new chapter right is important. We bring our know-how and expertise to the table, working with you to put the best plan in place from the start.

Questions to ask yourself

When you're starting a new business, there’s a lot to consider. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

Start my business


new businesses started in Germany in 2019 alone.1

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Grow my business

Planning to grow your business? You’re close enough to your business to know where you want it to go. But have you considered all the factors that might impact its direction?

Is it the right time to expand into international markets? Should you restructure your assets? Have you considered mergers and acquisitions (M&A)? Are you taking too many risks? Or not enough? We can help you see your options from a different perspective.

Questions to ask yourself

When you’re planning your next move, it’s a good idea to begin early. There’s a lot to consider, so start by asking yourself these questions:

Architect drawing a plan of a house


new-generation leaders of family businesses in Germany are planning to expand geographically into new markets in the next five to ten years.2

Sell my business

Thinking about selling your company? Driven entrepreneurs consider every aspect of their business except, sometimes, what comes after it. You may want to exit your company, keep it in the family or find a solution in between.

Deciding what's best can be complicated, so having the right advice from a trusted partner can make all the difference. Our wealth management team can help you get things ready for the next chapter.

Questions to ask yourself

When you’re thinking about selling your business, it’s a good idea to begin planning early. There’s a lot to consider, so start by asking yourself these questions:

Succession planning

Most highly driven entrepreneurs find it hard to pass on their business. Stepping down is often a slow process of going from highly engaged to barely engaged over time.

Many entrepreneurs never really retire at all. There’s no need to slow down just because you’re getting older, but you might want to shift your focus. Perhaps you want to explore more of the world, pursue a new hobby or even become an angel investor. We help you find the right balance when planning this very personal transition.

Questions to ask yourself

When you’re planning a new stage in your life, it’s a good idea to begin early. There’s a lot to consider, so start by asking yourself these questions:

Architects working in their office.

18 of the top 20

private companies with the fastest-growing profits in Germany are majority-owned by founders.2

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