All about automatic updating services

These services were created by international card organizations like Visa and Mastercard to make using their cards easier.

What are they?

Automatic updating services enable your card data to be automatically updated when you get a new card. For example, when your old card expires and you are issued a new card, the merchants that have your card data get automatic updates. This enables smooth, uninterrupted payment processing whenever a new card is issued.

UBS is required by Visa and Mastercard to offer automatic updating services.

The data that is updated

The expiration date is the only data updated when your card is renewed.

Where the data is sent

UBS Switzerland AG sends the data to Visa or Mastercard. They are entitled to involve additional data processors as necessary. Data is processed in Switzerland and/or abroad as appropriate and may include countries which may not have adequate data protection. However, appropriate measures are always taken to protect client data, and the data processors are obligated to ensure appropriate data protection.

How to opt out

You can opt out of automatic updating services for your card by contacting your customer advisor.

Other important help topics

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