How can I sign up for or cancel the eBill service?

With eBill, you receive your bills directly online in e-banking / mobile banking instead of by post.

  1. Log on to E-Banking or the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Navigate to "Payments > eBill invoices".
  3. Sign up for eBill and select the email address where you will receive notification when a new eBill invoice arrives.
  4. Enter your contact details. 
  5. Under the "Billers" list, select the company that you would like to receive eBill invoices from in future. You will be notified whenever a new eBill invoice is received.

Setting up eBill

If you no longer wish to use eBill, you can cancel it any time in e-banking or mobile banking. You can also use e-banking or mobile banking to cancel eBill for individual companies.

Important: You can make changes to an approved bill until the payment date. Bills that have been executed in eBill can be viewed for 90 days in e-banking, after which they will be deleted. We therefore recommend that you store the bills in UBS Safe, for which there are no time restrictions.

Tip: In addition to account and credit card activity notifications, you can set up notifications for other functions such as payments, stock exchange orders, incoming messages and your budget planning.