Mid-year 2019

Forces shaping the investment landscape

So far, 2019 has brought promising developments for investors. Will the rest of the year continue to be a growth story?

Our senior asset class and allocation experts assess the potential challenges and opportunities investors may face for the remainder of the year. Explore this edition of Panorama online or download the PDF with our content highlights:

Cover page of panorama highlights

Time to look forward, and back

In the introduction to this edition of Panorama, Suni Harford, Head of Investments, says that despite tailwinds currently supporting markets, she continues to believe investors will need to work harder for risk-adjusted returns than they have done for the majority of the post-financial crisis period.

Choppy waters

Evan Brown, Head of Macro Asset Allocation Strategy, and Ryan Primmer, Head of Investment Solutions, explain why they expect global growth to be steady, but not spectacular, in coming months. In an accompanying video, Evan assesses the key factors that will affect returns and explains which asset classes are poised to outperform.

Rising demand for real assets

Joe Azelby, the newly appointed Head of Real Estate & Private Markets, answers the five investor questions he hears most often about real assets, and explains why he likes to remind them that global investors should always have a local focus when it comes to real assets.

Coming into its own

China’s continuing growth and its standing as the world’s second largest economy support our experts’ belief that the case for a standalone approach to China has become compelling.

A 5-point guide to fixed income in 2019

Charlotte Baenninger, Head of Fixed Income, expects carry to continue to generate positive contributions to total returns for the remainder of 2019. But downside risks remain.

Opportunities in active equities

Barry Gill, Head of Active Equities, explains why the US economy's 10-year expansion is not necessarily cause for concern. It all comes back to growth.

Emerging markets equities – key facts

Geoffrey Wong, Head of Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities, explains an often overlooked factor for emerging market growth over the coming years: their demographic profiles.

Passive: Factors to beat the market

If markets become more volatile in coming quarters, will factor investing perform as expected? We look at how various factors may perform in more volatile markets.

Hedge fund themes in today's market

Chris Bae, Head of FICC and Trading, UBS Hedge Fund Solutions, dives into the positioning of hedge funds in the current market environment with a look towards future conditions. He believes hedge funds will provide a balanced and forward looking option for portfolios.

Navigating current market uncertainty

Kevin Russell, Chief Investment Officer, UBS O'Connor, addresses investor fears due to market uncertainty caused by Federal Reserve and China trade policies. He provides his outlook on strategies amongst elevated levels of volatility and the current risk environment.

Becoming better stewards: Engaging for long-term impact

Investors are seeing the benefit of taking ESG into account. Now, many are looking for ways to become better stewards of their investments by helping companies improve their sustainability.

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