Future Talk Season 2 - the future of financial services

Fires, floods, pandemic. Leaders take stock on the future of the financial services industry post COVID-19.

07 Jul 2020

25-Jun-20 Future Talk Season 2

Introducing Future Talk season two, where Bryce Doherty talks to some of the brightest minds in politics and financial services about the future of the industry.

25-Jun-20 3 Big ideas the industry must embrace

In light of our current environment and the unknown implications of COVID-19, this eBook outlines the issues facing advisers and their clients, and the opportunity for the industry to embrace 3 ideas to help their businesses survive.

25-Jun-20 How advisers have turned it around post-Royal Commission (Ep.1)

FPA CEO Dante De Gori discusses how the advice community has responded to the backlash post-Royal Commission and why interest in the profession has never been higher. 

25-Jun-20 The red tape holding advisers back from helping during COVID-19 (Ep.2)

FPA CEO Dante De Gori muses on the "$64 million question" - how to get people more willing to see a financial adviser, and the regulatory barriers keeping advisers from servicing more people.

25-Jun-20 Has COVID-19 changed the Government's view of advisers? (Ep.3)

With unemployment stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, FPA CEO Dante De Gori shares his views around the Government's approach to advice regulation.

25-Jun-20 The supply and demand problem in advice (Ep.4)

FPA CEO Dante De Gori examines the provision of advice and how regulators and advisers can work together better to manage the industry's current supply and demand issues. 

2-Jul-20 Could member engagement be COVID-19's silver lining? (Ep.1)

While it may difficult to see the silver lining coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, FSC's Sally Loane and Jane MacNamara discuss how the Government's early super release provisions may provide an opportunity to get people thinking about the value of their retirement savings. 

2-Jul-20 Why Australia can’t waste this crisis (Ep.2)

FSC's Sally Loane and Jane MacNamara lay out the sensible reforms that are already on the table for Australia's retirement system - and why there's no time to waste in implementing them. 

2-Jul-20 Women can't get left behind after COVID-19 (Ep.3)

The wider-reaching issue regarding restrictions in place to manage COVID-19 has been the loss of many jobs. FSC's Sally Loane and Jane MacNamara point consider the long-term implications of this. 

2-Jul-20 The biggest issue facing advisers (Ep.4)

FSC's Sally Loane and Jane MacNamara talk about the big books of clients now needing more advice than ever, and how the advice community is going to be able to handle this.

9-Jul-20 Could Australia learn from New Zealand's retirement system? (Ep.1)

FSC New Zealand CEO Richard Klipin discusses the interesting similarities - and key differences - between the retirement systems of Australia and New Zealand.

9-Jul-20 NZ vs Aus - advice, fees and policy (Ep.2)

FSC New Zealand CEO Richard Klipin drills down into the differences in advice policy between Australia and New Zealand, and whether there are lessons both countries can take from one another.

9-Jul-20 What New Zealand's advice market tells us about Australia (Ep.3)

FSC New Zealand CEO Richard Klipin talks about New Zealand's own wave of advice reforms and how they impacted the industry in that country.

9-Jul-20 How financial services collaborated with New Zealand's pandemic response (Ep.4)

Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have differed throughout the world, with New Zealand being singled out as successful. FSC New Zealand CEO Richard Klipin discusses how New Zealand handled the pandemic.

16-Jul-20 What will Australian financial services look like post-pandemic?

Vanessa Stoykov and Bryce Doherty wrap up the latest Future Talk season with an analysis of the issues discussed and muse on what's to come for the Australian financial services industry once the dust has settled.

16-Jul-20 Government's role at the end of a 30-year growth cycle (EP.1)

Bryce talks to Senator Jane Hume about how the Morrison Government is responding to an Australian recession, and what's next.

16-Jul-20 How COVID hit retirement savings across generations (Ep.2)

Senator Jane Hume discusses with Bryce the long-term implications of COVID-19 on Australia's retirement system - who's most at risk and what needs to change to ensure the system continues working.

16-Jul-20 Managing the side-effects of advice reforms (Ep.3)

In this video, Bryce and Senator Jane Hume talk about the advice industry's past "sales culture" and the difficult road to professionalisation.

16-Jul-20 Why super has fallen behind retail banking (Ep.4)

While Australia's banking system was quick to embrace new technologies, superannuation has been lagging behind. In this video, Bryce and Senator Jane Hume discuss ways the sector can catch up.

30-Jul-20 What advisers want from Fintech (Ep.1)

Bryce and Iress CEO Andrew Walsh take a look at the technology underpinning financial services, along with the new ideas coming out of Iress's hackathons and what advisers are looking for in Fintech. 

30-Jul-20 How can advice embrace blockchain? (Ep.2)

While Iress CEO Andrew Walsh considers himself "sceptical of the block chain cliché," he explains to Bryce how the technology could be used to bring down costs in advice and increase efficiency.

30-Jul-20 The super sector's biggest challenge (Ep.3)

As a long-term investment many people don't understand, superannuation struggles with engaging its members. In this video, Bryce and Iress CEO Andrew Walsh talk about how the industry is trying to change that

30-Jul-20 The new advice essentials (Ep.4)

Bryce and Iress CEO Andrew Walsh talk about how COVID-19 has changed how advisers work, and why some of these changes will help the industry better prepare for a more digitised future.