Future Talk – the future of financial services

Influential leaders take stock post-Royal Commission: the chaos, turmoil and road to a better future. Join Bryce Doherty, CEO in our latest series 'Future Talk' with industry leaders.

02 Dec 2019

21-Nov-19 Future Talk: Beyond the hard road for advice.

An E-book exploring the state of the industry post-Royal Commission and the wave of reforms being enacted.

21-Nov-19 Is technology a threat to advice? (Ep.1)

Senator Andrew Bragg and Bryce Doherty discuss politics and his role as a chair on a committee regarding Fintech delving into Australia’s competitive position.

21-Nov-19 The long kiss goodnight for grandfathering (Ep.2)

Senator Andrew Bragg discusses the increasing cost of delivering advice and the decision to push through the Royal Commission implementation to help restore community confidence.

26-Nov-19 The great super contributions debate. Where do you stand? (Ep.3)

Bryce Doherty discusses with Senator Andrew Bragg about the evolution of superannuation and people who are on less than $50,000 could have the option to opt in and opt out.

26-Nov-19 Is the super industry working for itself or its members? (Ep.4)

Senator Andrew Bragg discusses the need in a cultural shift around how Australian’s perceive technology and why the government has a long way to go in areas compared to other markets.

28-Nov-19 The most partisan policy in Australia (Ep.1)

Bryce Doherty speaks to Sally Loane, CEO of the FSC about how she believes politics has become more polarised and its impact on financial services and superannuation.

28-Nov-19 Why it costs so much to advise a client in today’s climate (Ep.2)

Sally Loane discusses the immense changes the industry has faced and despite this, research reveals there's still a great deal of trust in financial advisers.

3-Dec-19 Why the tinkering with super isn’t over yet (Ep.3)

Sally Loane discusses with Bryce Doherty that although superannuation has developed significantly, there are still a lot of reforms that we need to achieve with superannuation.

3-Dec-19 Why compliance is slowing down innovation (Ep.4)

Sally Loane shares how technology is enabling better engagement for consumers with their superannuation is a hot topic

5-Dec-19 Where next for a post-NAB MLC? (Ep.1)

Geoff Lloyd talks about what’s in store for MLC following the NAB de-merger and how the company is navigating a post-Royal Commission financial services sector.

5-Dec-19 The dangers of the retail vs. industry fund debate (Ep.2)

What’s being lost in the tribal arguments between retail and industry super funds? Geoff Lloyd at MLC discusses, quite a bit – and it may be obfuscating far more important concerns.

10-Dec-19 Rebuilding personal and general advice from the ground up (Ep.3)

With financial advice becoming more difficult and expensive to provide, Geoff Lloyd makes the case for a complete overhaul of the regulatory framework underpinning it.

10-Dec-19 The way forward for an advice industry in turmoil (Ep.4)

Geoff Lloyd is familiar with the current challenges facing Australian wealth management. In this video, he explores the ways in which the industry can move past these difficult times.