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The future belongs to those who plan for it. When planning to pass on your wealth or protect your assets, it's never too early to consider a trust or charitable foundation. Want to set up a trust to protect your loved ones, create a profit-sharing scheme for employees or build a foundation for charitable purposes? We have the knowledge and experience to act as your trustee.

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How it works

We have fully licensed trust companies in Jersey (Channel Islands), the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Singapore. Our trust companies are 100% subsidiaries of UBS AG, with trust professionals based in various locations.

Our trustees can hold all forms of cash, securities, structured products and other bankable assets. We can look after your trust needs even when you have more than one banking relationship, by holding bankable assets with third-party banks. In some circumstances, our trust companies can also hold non-bankable assets such as real estate.

Your benefits

Customised solution

We'll discuss your priorities and concerns, then work with your legal and tax advisors to design and create a suitable trust.

Legacy that lasts

Your trust can continue to hold your family's wealth for the benefit of your children and future generations. It can also help you do good – many charitable foundations are set up as trusts. Charitable trusts typically give to charities or perform philanthropic tasks.

Your assets protected

Your trust can protect your family's wealth from events you can't control, such as political instability. It can also control the flow of income to beneficiaries. This is useful for children who are young and can't yet manage money. It's also useful for parents worried about their children divorcing in the future.

Tax efficient

Your trust may be tax efficient in certain circumstances, subject to advice from a tax advisor qualified in the relevant jurisdictions.

What if circumstances change?

Your beneficiaries’ needs are likely to change over time, and the person who set up the trust (the settlor) can discuss these needs periodically with the trustee.

Trust law in certain jurisdictions allows the settlor to retain some control, such as appointing and removing trustees and managing the trust's assets. Depending on your goals in settling the trust, it may not be appropriate for you to retain certain powers. However, the fact that it's possible to do so means we can make your trusts flexible enough to meet your changing needs.

Why UBS is your right partner?

With our global and local experience and expertise, top industry rankings and award-winning track record, we're confident that we can help you reach your goals. Our specialists are ready to advise you in various regions across the UK.

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