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A clear path to your charitable goals

There's a smart and easy way to give to charity – through the UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation (DAF). It’s a UK charity under which you establish a charitable account in a tax-efficient wrapper. This lets you donate to UK-registered and exempt charities, like universities.

The DAF is an excellent, cost-effective and simple alternative to setting up your own private charitable foundation.

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How it works

The UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation offers you a truly flexible way to donate to your favourite charities. Whether you want to give money now or let it grow to give away later, you can manage your DAF easily and effectively.

Setting it up

Any UK resident and domiciled taxpayer – whether an individual or a company – can open a DAF with a UBS account. It's possible to open a UBS account and choose to only hold assets in the DAF account.

Making grants

All grants must be made to UK-registered and exempt charities. The trustees must approve all grants in line with charity commission rules. Choose when you wish to make grants to charities and how much you want to give. You can make regular payments, give away income generated in the portfolio or donate lump sums.

Your benefits

Simplicity and flexibility

We handle all the administration at no cost to you. You can choose the charities you want to support with grants of any size, as often as you wish.


We protect your privacy with the option to make grants to charities anonymously.

Charity tax relief

We will add to your DAF any tax we can reclaim on your donations.

Family oriented

Nominated family members, both during your lifetime and after you pass away, can run your DAF and make charitable donations from it.

Want to know more?

Please watch our video, where Tom Hall, Head of Philanthropy Services UK explains more about the benefits of our UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation.

Do I need a DAF?

If you can answer yes to some or all of these questions, the UBS UK Donor-Advised Foundation might be right for you.

  • Do you have charitable goals? For example, would you like to give a percentage of your wealth to children's charities?
  • Would you like the option to give anonymously?
  • Would you like to include your family in your charitable decisions?
  • Would you like a charitable fund that continues after your death?
  • Would you like the flexibility to review and change the charities you give to?
  • Are you unsure about which charities to support but know that you want to put money aside now for philanthropic purposes?

Why UBS is your right partner?

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