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Please choose your activation method

For faster login, activate your Access App

Activate Access App for faster login

Activate your Access App in the below steps:

Step 1: After you received the activation letter, download and launch the Access App.

Step 2: Input your contract number and the last 4 digits of your registered mobile number.

Step 3: Select “Yes” when asked if you have the activation letter. A key code will be sent to you via SMS to set up the Access App.

Step 4: Enter the SMS key code, followed by the PIN* from the activation letter.

Step 5: Set up a device name as your reference in security settings, and set up a PIN** for logging in to the Access App.

Step 6: Allow push notifications on the Access App to receive the latest alerts.

*To reveal the PIN, flip the letter to the back and gently peel the sticker on the PIN. Then, flip the letter back
to the front.

**PIN must be alphanumeric, with at least 1 number and 1 letter.

Log in with the Access App

Use the Access App to Log In to Mobile Banking

Step 1: Launch the Mobile Banking app on your smartphone. Input your Contract number. Then, select “Method”.

Step 2: Select “Access App” from the list of login methods. On the homepage, select “Login”. Access App will launch automatically.

Step 3: Input your Access App PIN.

Use the Access App to Log In to E-Banking

Step 1: Open the E-Banking homepage on a web browser from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Input your contract number. Then, select “Continue”.

Step 2: Launch the Access App on your smartphone to scan the QR code displayed.

Step 3: Input your Access App PIN on your smartphone.

Start from your Access Card

Start from your Access Card

To start Digital Banking you only need three items

1. Access Card

This is the security token for login, keep it safe

2. Contract number

You’ll need the contract number for login, please keep it safe.

3. Access Card PIN

For security token activation

Activate your Access Card in 3 steps

Step 1:
Get the initial Access Card PIN from the PIN mailer. Enter and press confirm (green tick).

Step 2:
Setup your own PIN and press confirm (green tick). Your PIN must be a combination of numbers and letters, from 6 to 11 characters.

Step 3:
Re-enter your PIN and press confirm (green tick) to complete. Please safeguard and remember your new PIN as you are required to input it whenever you use the Access Card.

Log in with Access Card

Log in to UBS Digital Banking via mobile, desktop or tablet

Step 1:
On login screen, enter the contract number and press   login.

Step 2:
Turn on the Access Card with your card PIN. Key in the code from login screen into the card.

Step 3:
The Access Card generates a new code and input the code back to login screen. Login is completed!

If you don’t have a UBS Digital Banking contract yet, please reach out to your Client Advisor or

Did you know?

With the UBS Access App you can now easily authenticate and log in to our Digital Banking on desktop as well as on mobile.

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