UBS Advisor Messaging

We have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about digital banking in the short videos and FAQs below.

You may also contact our digital banking hotline or your client advisor for more information.


UBS Advisor Messaging

UBS Advisor Messaging offers a direct and convenient way to chat with your client advisor via your preferred instant messaging app WhatsApp or WeChat.

  • UBS events and meetings
  • Product, price, market, advice/research related topics
  • Portfolio, holdings and client statement related topics
  • Update on the status of your instructions
  1. Open your WhatsApp app.
  2. You will receive a registration confirmation WhatsApp message from “UBS Wealth Management”.
  3. Send a response to the WhatsApp message.
  4. Your UBS Advisor Messaging is now ready for use. Try it out and start chatting.
  1. Open your WeChat app.
  2. Search for “瑞银顾问” and add it as your contact.
  3. Your client advisor will contact you to perform the activation and verification of your account.
  4. Your UBS Advisor Messaging is now ready for use. Try it out and start chatting.

You can only contact your client advisor using UBS Advisor Messaging. However, your client advisor can invite the client advisor assistant and other authorized UBS staff into the group chat, if necessary.

Please ensure that you fully understand all potential security risks, such as phishing, malware, account theft and impersonation, as well as operational risks, before using UBS Advisor Messaging with your client advisor.

  • You can only communicate with your client advisor using UBS Advisor Messaging. Your client advisor can invite other participants such as client advisor assistant or any other authorized UBS staff into the group chat, if necessary.
  • You can only able to send Latin letters, Chinese characters and emoji. Please note that each emoji may vary across different operating systems. Attachments, calls and read status are not available on UBS Advisor Messaging.
  • You might not be able to receive any message from your client advisor / client advisor assistant / authorized UBS staff if you have not responded to the last message within 24 hours on WhatsApp and within 48 hours on WeChat.

The following activities are not available when using UBS Advisor Messaging:

  • Placement of orders directly in the message (e.g. to place a trade or payment directly).
  • Update of any account information directly in the message (e.g. phone number or correspondence address).
  • Requesting client advisor to disclose client identifying data or the client identifying data of any third party; and/ or attachments with sensitive content (e.g. account statements or other sensitive information containing client identifying data).

Please contact your client advisor for any assistance.

Emergency Hotline

If you receive SMS alerts/notifications where you have not initiated or authorized, please call our support at:

Monday - Friday: 9am – 5.30pm

Hotline available from:

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Saturday: 9am - 5pm

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