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Introducing Kevin Zhao, Head of Global Sovereign and Currency, Fixed Income

Kevin Zhao is the lead portfolio manager on all active Global Sovereign and Flexible Fixed Income Strategies as well as Active Currency Management. In this role he is responsible for all investment decisions taken for and implemented in these strategies. He is a member of the Fixed Income Investment Forum, and joined UBS Asset Management in 2011.

Read below for snippets on how you can navigate fixed income markets in these uncertain times.

US election: what it means for fixed income markets

With Joe Biden being declared the winner of the US presidential race, how should fixed income investors be thinking about the risks and opportunities at this juncture?

Fixed income opportunities after COVID-19

As early signs of economic recovery emerge, Kevin Zhao provides insights on new fixed income opportunities in a post COVID-19 world.

China fixed income: too big to ignore?

Kevin Zhao explores some of the reasons why investors can no longer ignore the world's second largest bond market.

Navigating through uncertain economic times

Kevin Zhao explains how flexible the UBS flexible bond strategies really are using market examples of where flexibility was essential in managing the portfolio effectively.

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