Investing with a new set of eyes at RI Americas

Meet our experts on December 5th - 6th in New York

On December 5th our climate expert, Francis Condon will be taking part in a panel discussion focusing on the great climate change debate. Do investors divest or invest and what does the macro picture look like?

RI will also be unveiling the latest results from the US in the UBS global institutional investor survey – ESG. Do you or don't you? We've already surveyed the EMEA region, where 76% of asset owners say that not doing
ESG is a risk. What does the US think? Find out at RI Americas.

To learn more about Sustainable and Impact investing at UBS Asset Management, take a browse through our digital booth and read our insights. If you'd like to speak to us, please get in touch and subscribe to our SI newsletter.

US Sustainability: Redefining the way you think about sustainable investing

For 20 years our team has been implementing sustainable portfolio solutions for institutional investors across the globe. Backed by our distinguished expertise, proprietary sustainability data, and a diverse research platform, we build tailored strategies to meet your investment goals while focusing on the impact to society and the environment.

ESG. Do you or don't you?

How many institutional investors are actively taking ESG into account (or intend to) as a way of dealing with some of the investment challenges they face today? Challenges like unquantifiable risks and shifting regulations.

UBS Asset Management, in association with Responsible Investor, aims to answer this question by investigating drivers and barriers to ESG integration, as well as highlighting best practice globally. We are surveying institutional investors around the globe in an ongoing research initiative and the results of the US wave will be revealed at RI Americas on 6th December.


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