July 15, 2021 Too good to be true, understanding and avoiding art forgeries

A conversation with renowned art historian and curator Joachim Pissarro

What you missed

What can we learn from the latest and greatest cases of art counterfeiting? How can collectors be better prepared to avoid pitfalls?

It happened on July 15, the webinar with the art historian and curator, Joachim Pissarro and Donna Hessel, Head of UBS Client Services, on how to prevent fraud in an ever-changing artistic scenario. Pissarro provided expert knowledge into the future of art authentication methods, shedding light on the work of those responsible for an artist’s legacy.

Speakers: Joachim Pissarro - art historian, curator, educator, and Director of the Hunter College Galleries. Moderated by Donna Hessel, Head of the “Passions” segment in Client Services at UBS.

Man working on an exhibition in a gallery