September 21st – 23rd, 2021 The Next Generation Conference 2021

A Global Perspective

How can family legacy be preserved?

Alliance of Generations - Re-think the way of doing businesses.

September 21st, 2021

How can you preserve family legacy? Over the coming decades, trillions of dollars of family wealth will be inherited or transferred to the next generation from their parents.

In this conversation, we will explore the views of next gens who are seeking to innovate the way their family businesses and wealth are managed. Join us to learn more.

Speakers: Oliver Herrmann, Family Advisory EMEA and Switzerland & Julia Binder, Professor at IMD Business School. Moderated by Andrea Santos Morales, Head of UBS Wealth Planning International. 

Language: English

How I became the first female CEO of my family business.

Testimonial with CEO of Champagne Tattinger.

September 22nd, 2021

Changing demographics are creating new roles and opportunities for women in family businesses. Alongside these opportunities, external factors such as societal prejudice, unconscious gender bias and family traditions are still present. Female leadership in family businesses is successfully breaking down the barriers and redefining stereotypes about how women in business are perceived. 

Speakers: Vitalie Taittinger, CEO of champagne house Taittinger. Moderated by Anna Brugnoli, Co-Head CIO Global IM Wealth Planning & Life Insurance and Andrea Santos Morales, Head of UBS Wealth Planning International. 

Language: English

Next Generation & earth legacy.

Looking deeply on marine conservation and climate change as an investment opportunity.

September 23rd, 2021

It’s undisputable: combining business and sustainability has become essential. The challenge, however, might be choosing which causes to support and which ones bring the best opportunities.

Have you considered learning more about the Blue Economy? The transition towards sustainable practices that support the environment will revolutionize maritime economic activities, projected to intensify by 2050. Join our webinar to dive into an ocean of infinite possibilities.

Speakers: Kerstin Forsberg, Co-founder and CEO of Planeta Oceano & Tatiana Zanardi, sailor and BM of Climate Institute. Moderated by Eliza Pepper, Head of Advisory & Sales for UBS LatAm.

Language: English

How to establish your own Family Governance

Lessons learned during a lifetime.

September 21st, 2021

Sustaining family wealth means addressing a host of important questions. Among them: What is unique about your family? How do you reach and communicate decisions? How do you transmit the family values to the next generation?

Family companies have challenges that go beyond corporate governance and concern only the business family, its evolution, interpersonal relationships and interaction with the business. Join us to learn more.

Speakers: For Portuguese: Marcia Setti, Partner of PLKC Advogados and Pietro Schonmann, UBS Family Advisory EMEA and Switzerland, and moderated by Fernanda Trombini, Wealth Planner at UBS Consenso and Mari Yoshioka, Wealth Planner LatAm Switzerland. For Spanish: Christian Lippert, leading Attorney in the Private Wealth Management Practice Law in Mexico, and moderated by Andres Turbay, Head Wealth Planning LatAm Switzerland.

Language: Portuguese and Spanish

What is your family's Purpose?

Challenges and opportunities of the complex interplay generations.

September 22nd, 2021

Family businesses face a unique set of challenges and opportunities as a result of the complex interplay between business and investment decisions, ownership issues, and family relationships.

In order for a family business to take advantage of its “familiness”, it is important that the individual family members, the owning family and the business all have a sense of purpose.

What's your family purpose? Join us to learn more. 

Speakers: For Portuguese: Valeria Milani, Head of Sales UBS Consenso and moderated by Fernanda Trombini, Wealth Planner at UBS Consenso and Fernando Valsechi, Wealth Planner LatAm US. For Spanish: Pablo Álvarez de Linera Granda, External Counsel at GTA Villamagna Abogados, and moderated by Manuel Dempaire, Wealth Planner LatAm US and Justin Pryor, Wealth Planner LatAm Switzerland.

Language: Portuguese and Spanish