November 10, 2020 Protecting critical assets: your reputation, privacy and security

How to safeguard your assets

Live conversation with Tim Robinson, Andrea Santos, Lisa Maurer and Andres Turbay.

There are prevalent threats to important assets: reputation, privacy and security of individuals, families and businesses. Join our discussion on how safeguarding these assets can create new freedoms and open up business options.

Speakers: Tim Robinson - Partner at Schillings, CBE, he was formerly a major general in the British Army, He served in conflict zones around the world before joining Schillings to apply that experience to new problems. Andrea Santos Head of UBS Wealth Planning International , Lisa Maurer UBS Family Office Solutions Group and Andres Turbay - Head of UBS Wealth Planning LatAm.

Schillings is a multi-disciplinary advisory firm headquartered in London. It is the only company in the world focusing on protecting critical assets reputation, privacy and security using capabilities integrated under one roof: lawyers, investigators, cyber security specialists, intelligence officers and ex-military crisis experts. Operating 24/7, worldwide.

Language: English

Webinar date: November 10, 2020 at 10:00 am EST