August 13, 2020 Philanthropy Insights

A podcast series by UBS Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services

Philanthropy Insights includes four new podcast episodes in Spanish that cover foundation governance topics, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in Latin America, and best practices from some of the world’s most successful philanthropists.

Language: Spanish

The Importance of Family Philanthropy

What are the main ingredients of successful family philanthropy?

In this episode, Nicole Sebastian, a Senior Strategist in the Family Office Solutions Group, and Kai Grunauer-Brachetti, a Senior Strategist in Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services, discuss best practices on family philanthropy topics, such as establishing roles and responsibilities for the rising generation, the role of boards, and how to collaborate effectively within the family.

Key Traits of Successful Philanthropists

 What are the key traits of successful philanthropists?

In this episode, Nicole and Kai exchange their thoughts on approaching philanthropy as a business, learning from failure, effective collaboration, and how sustainable investing can enhance and accelerate philanthropic goals.

Philanthropy in Latin America: Present and Future

What is the state of philanthropy in Latin America and what’s next?

In this episode, Nicole and Kai have a conversation about the current state of philanthropy in Latin America, the main motivations donor have, the challenges philanthropists face, and perspectives for the future.

Social Entrepreneurship: Catalyzing Change in Latin America

How has social entrepreneurship in Latin America catalyzed change?

In this episode, Nicole and Kai discuss the importance of social entrepreneurship in Latin America, UBS' involvement in this sector, and key initiatives undertaken by social entrepreneurs across the region.