September 17, 2020 Gender empowerment in Latin America: visions of change

Empowerment of Women in LatAm

Live Discussion with Daniela Ancira, founder of La Cana & Gabriela Rocha, partner of Laboratoria, moderated by Kai Grunauer-Brachetti from UBS Family & Philanthropy

The situation of women in Latin America has evolved positively in the last 30 years. However, enormous challenges remain for women in the region. In this webinar, we are going to hear about the work of two social entrepreneurs who are leading initiatives for women in the region: Daniela Ancira, founder of La Cana, an organization that seeks to create job opportunities for women in prison in Mexico, in order to ensure a better reintegration into society; and Gabriela Rocha, a partner of Laboratoria, an entity that trains low-income women in subjects such as programming and web development, in order to provide them with better opportunities in the workplace.

Speakers: Daniela Ancira, founder of La Cana and Gabriela Rocha, partner of Laboratoria

Language: Spanish

Webinar date: September 17th