September 22, 2020 Recent Regulatory changes for Personal Holding Companies in the Caribbean

What are my new obligations?

Live panel discussion

Join us for a panel discussion with Philip Graham from Harneys (BVI/Cayman Islands), Juan Quezada from Trident (BVI) and Wendy Warren from Caystone (Bahamas) about the current status on exchange of information for each jurisdiction.

  • CRS Annual Reporting
  • Cayman Islands Register of UBO forms / BVI BOSS
  • Economic Substance classification and new requirements
  • Reporting Deadlines and applicable penalties
  • Bahamian modification in the Fund Act impacting Smart Funds and IM
  • Impact of the new obligations in the Annual maintenance costs

Speakers: Philip Graham - Harneys (BVI/Cayman Islands); Juan Quezada - Trident (BVI); Wendy Warren - Caystone (Bahamas)

Language: English

Webinar date: September 22nd