February 25, 2021 Peru's future: economy, politics and scenario 2021

Conversation with Mr. Julio Velarde, President of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Live discussion

Peru has faced and will face a complex year full of great challenges. 2021 is an election year and the economy is going through a moment of change. What is the scenario we can see in Peru in 2021? When will it return to a pre-COVID economic situation?  How would a political change affect the economy? Join us in a live conversation with the President of Peru's Central Reserve Bank, Mr. Julio Velarde.

Speakers: Mr. Julio Velarde, President of Peru's Central Reserve Bank and moderated by Alejo Czerwonko, CIO Emerging Markets

Language: Spanish

Webinar date: February 25th, 8:00-9:00am EST/NY