June 10, 2021 Mexico’s midterm elections: Counterbalancing MORENA?

Political outlook and risks

What you missed

On June 6, 2021, we held a webinar with leading Mexican political analysts Javier Tello and Carlos Ramirez. During the session, we analyzed the early results in our Investing in Mexico report "Restoring counterweights." As the title suggests, a more balanced distribution of power emerged from the election.

The speakers analyzed the early results from the election: The ruling Morena coalition will maintain an absolute majority in the lower house but lost the two-thirds qualified majority it needs to enact constitutional changes.

The result of the election can be interpreted as a triumph for the opposition, as united they lessened Morena’s dominance in Congress. Nonetheless, Morena could still reach an agreement with lawmakers from the PRI or any other party to achieve the qualified majority.

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