August 25, 2021 Preparing for a post pandemic world - how are the top global Family Offices doing it?

 Insights from the UBS Family Office Global Report 2021

Live discussion

A diversified investment strategy is key to preserving and sustainably growing your patrimony. Understanding market movements, following and interpreting the global trends as well as appreciating the full gamut of investment alternatives, are important elements in guiding sound investment decision.

Join this conversation to find out how the top Family Offices are positioning themselves in this post-pandemic world as Valeria Milani, Head of Sales at UBS Consenso, Ronaldo Patah, Investment Director (CIO) at UBS Consenso and Jay Raffaldini, Director at UBS Asset Management, debate and disect the insights from the UBS Global Family Office Report 2021.

Speakers: Ronaldo Patah, Chief Investment Office (CIO) of UBS Consenso and Jay Raffaldini, Managing Director at UBS Asset Managment. Moderated by Valeria Milani, Desk Head UBS Consenso.

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