November 17, 2021 How to turn challenges into investment opportunities?

Brazilian outlook for 2022

Live discussion

How to prepare to invest in turbulent times?
The year 2022 will not only be marked by elections. In the coming year, inflation, high exchange rate and imbalance in the supply of inputs to the industry will remain present in Brazilian’s lives. As in other periods of history marked by crises, with the right monitoring, market volatility can offer good opportunities to investors.

Join our conversation with Luis Stuhlberger, CEO at Verde Asset Management, and Guilherme Farraioli, Head of Investments UBS Consenso, for a chat about the outlook for 2022.

Speaker: Luis Stuhlberger, CEO at Verde Asset Management. Moderated by Guilherme Ferraioli, Head of Investments UBS Consenso.

Language: Portuguese